Donthan Real Estate



When you authorize Tom West Company to market your property, you put at your disposal the resources and talents of Dothan’s finest and most successful real estate sales organizations. Our goal is to provide the experience, professional expertise and aggressiveness to help optimize your selling price and minimize your time and inconvenience. This personalized marketing plan has been especially prepared to review the various steps to a successful sale, and give you greater insight into the resources and skills of your Tom West Company REALTOR.


As a member of the National Association of Realtors and affiliated with many independent and franchised real estate sales organizations, our office offers you an extraordinary combination of local knowledge and experience, plus national and international resources—all working together to help maximize exposure of your property and your proceeds from the sale.


Our Pledge Is To Provide ...

¨       The individual attention of a licensed real estate professional backed by an experienced selling team.

¨       Experienced in prequalifying, facilitating negotiations with, and showing of properties to buyers introduced through our office.

¨       Local and national advertising. Exclusive marketing tools.

¨       International Referral System and National Relocation Networks.

¨       Responsiveness in keeping you informed and attending to details.

¨       A dedication to customer service that exemplifies Quality like only Tom West Company, Inc. can provide.



Often times, the most interested buyers are those generated in the first few days or weeks. As soon as you authorize us to market your property, we get started. Our marketing approach is to work aggressively to maximize exposure of your property to:

¨       The local marketplace

¨       Our professional sales force and other offices.

¨       Other real estate companies as well as regional and national marketplaces.

¨       Corporate transferees


Our Pledge Is To ...

¨       Arrange for installation of our highly recognized yard sign.

¨       Submit your property to the local multiple listing service.

¨       Distribute property description brochures to help market your property in local neighborhoods.

¨       Describe how our referral system can expose your property to more buyers.



Marketing your property successfully usually involves more than a yard sign or classified ads. A more strategic approach includes an analysis of the most probable buyers and targeting our marketing efforts in that direction. Because our office pursues an aggressive overall advertising program, coupled with professional sales associates, we can attract many prospective buyers. We proudly advertise with Wiregrass Top Homes,, Virtual or Video Tours, and Enhanced Showcase Package on just to name a few.



Part of our professional marketing service is to whenever possible interview prospective buyers before showing them your property. This helps eliminate "lookers" or persons who may not be able to afford the property or otherwise don't qualify for financing.


Our Pledge Is To ...

¨       Whenever possible, interview and pre-qualify prospective buyers before showing them your home.

¨       Determine buyers' wants and needs so that we can show homes which best match their requirements.

¨       Professionally show your home to the most likely buyers.

¨       Work on your behalf in presenting and negotiating offers.



Establishing a listing price requires extensive research plus practical experience.  Our Brokers Price Opinion (BPO) will outline the facts about the current real estate marketplace and will compare your property with similar properties recently sold and ones presently on the market. These facts are a matter of public record, gathered through our MLS system and will include specifics about the condition of these properties, comparable features and improvements, financing and conditions of the sale--all of which can help you determine an optimal asking price.


Our Pledge Is To ...

¨       Review with you a carefully researched Brokers Price Opinion (BPO).

¨       Estimate net sale proceeds based on the most probable selling price.

¨       Keep you informed of market activity and changes that occur during the course of your listing.



Communication is essential in working together to sell your property. It's important for arranging appointments, telling us if you're going to be away, or keeping you informed of our progress in marketing your home.



Our sales associates are trained in presenting property in its most favorable light.  Your property will be thoroughly reviewed; we will then make recommendations on enhancing its ability to sell quickly and for the greatest amount of money possible, minor repairs, redecorating or similar suggestions.



In today's complicated, legalistic business world, it's important to follow routines and regulations in completing a sale. This means meeting deadlines and expiration dates, ordering certifications, pay-off statements, title searches, surveys or other requirements. We have experience and will be handling all of these matters before during and after the sale.


Our Pledge Is To ...

¨       Review with you all documents relating to the property sale.

¨       Provide you a "good faith" estimate of your net sale proceeds before you accept any purchase offer.

¨       Help you obtain required certifications, warranties, title reports, surveys, insurance policies   
(as required and authorized by you).

¨       Monitor each of the numerous steps necessary to finalize the sale of the property.